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The firm’s mission

The firm’s mission is to provide its clients engineering design services that exceed their expectations through the application of a Context Sensitive Solution process tailored specifically for the client and project.


This approach provides for Qualities of Excellence in Design:

the efficient and effective use of the resources (time, budget, community) of all involved parties,
design and construction with minimal disruptions,
harmonization with the community,
the addition of lasting value to the community.

our thoughts

"We are all beneficiaries of this magnificent network of nature; we don’t have the resources to replace it so we must value it and respect it."

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design principles

We adhere to the ten sustainable design principles

We adhere to the ten sustainable design principles identified through the research and development of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). These include Project Strategy and Management, Community Connections, Community Effects, Land Use and Restoration, Landscapes, Ecological & Biodiversity, Water Resources and Environment, Energy and Carbon, Resource Management and Waste, and Transportation


Innovative approach

Whether for a private or public client, or for educational, medical, commercial, industrial or transportation projects, this innovative approach provides each project with unique design characteristics that contribute to design excellence.